Almonds with Chocolate


Almonds with Chocolate

Copyright r Genoveva Serra Caselles, 2000
All rights reserved.

Deposito legal V. 13.838 - 2000
Valencia, June 2000

Translation, jacket design and illustrations:
Klaus-Dieter Zorn

     I dedicate this book to my daughters
     and to all the children of this world.

     That they won't ever have to give up
     their tenderness and hopes .

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Above the garden of mother-of-pearl
I spent the night.

The clouds turned to me,
like warming leaves above the earth.

When I left and looked at the horizon,
I assumed the squirrel, that with its tail
released from pupils and pieces of fluff,
the reddish mood of the daybreak.

When I looked at the drops
on my hands
and foresaw rose petals,
I felt, that I was losing you and turned back,
back to the land of meadows and ginger,
my veins and my hair sprang from,
my love and my undying wind.

lago Ness

Edited by German publishing house "Frankfurter Literaturverlag" with headquaters in Frankfurt, in the street where Goethe lived.
A special edition was proposed and signed with the following comment given by the publishing house:
"Frankfurter Literaturverlag edits literary publications of the first order from still unknown authors.
The works of our writers are more than written words, they are living testimonies of literture's evolution in German language and an important element of the cultural wealth of a society.
The conservation of those testimonies of living literature in form of books is the concern of Frankfurter Literaturverlag."

Apart from the publication in Germany, a treaty was signed, the "Publishing Agreement" with publishing house "Lord Byrons Literary Press" in London, that includes the following countries:
USA, Great Britain, the Commonwealth countries, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
As a consequence, this book not only was presented so far on the "Frankfurter Buchmesse" or on the bookfair in Leipzig, but likewise on the "London Book Fair" in 2009.


I'm looking at 20,000 honeysuckles
near Loch Ness.

Its castle raised its arms
and heaven welcomed them as lovers.

Near a window I felt
the breeze on my moistened face,
and the cape was covering my hair
and my laughter proclaimed the whole valley
my arrival.

Later with an embrace
of almonds and nuts,
his cheek touched mine,
and when the birds flew up
I felt that I belonged to him,
and that's how passed a long, long time.

lago Ness

Since then my poetry has found accomodation on the bookshelves of the most famous libraries, like the one of Oxford University.

"Old Bodleian Library" is functioning since the year 1602.

Another library where my book ranks among its holdings is the National Library of Germany. It is the most important of the country and accommodated in the cities of Leipzig, Frankfurt and Berlin.

In Cambridge University, not less important than the one of Oxford, my book can be ascertained online by the help of "Newton Universal Catalogue.


Almonds with chocolate.
Pleasant smells of honey and roses.
Secluded fears.
Life is calling and I follow it.
The breeze is gentle now.

He took with him the dramas and the rain,
all the same to me what happened.
Appetite came back,
there's space now in my being for bread and tea.
I feel the movements of a body,
getting ready to go.
Step by step.

I'm searching for almonds with chocolate,
Their taste reaches deep down inside,
The breeze is gentle now.

I gave pleasant smells of honey and roses,
the wind took them away with it.
Where will it carry them to?
One day, I know for a fact,
I'll get them back once more.

lago Ness

The University of Frankfurt holds the most famous son of its town in the name plate. I'm specially appreciative of the fact that my poems had entrance to the library of Goethe's place.

In the South of Germany my book can be located by "BibliotheksVerbund Bayern" being the Compound of Libraries of Bavaria.

As well I'm represented by "Melvyl", the catalogue of University of California Libraries, in the United States of America.


If time came to a standstill now,
what would I keep?
I put the question to my horse,
to my dogs too, and they knew.
Throughout my childhood years I wanted to keep it all.
And today? all the same,
because the childhood years remained in me,
my being and what they couldn't take off me.

If time came to a standstill now,
I would keep it all.
I'd build a little hut
and put in peace, pleasure,
tenderness, love, wind, rain,
my bear feet.
And another time, may be the one that hasn't come yet,
the one I haven't gone through,
and without doubt, you.

lago Ness

The text of my american edition is edited by Publishing House Fouqué Publishers in New York.

This book can be located through the libraries of the University of Washington amidst others.

In order to preserve my author's interests, my work will be deposited at the Library of Congress in Washington.

Almonds with Chocolate


     I still can remember the early summer of the year 2000 perfectly well. The constant requests of my wife to give her more paper, the concentration on her works that was little short of obsession, making her deaf and dumb towards all that was not within the subject area of her poetry.
     Bit by bit I was allowed to read the composed poems and to think about them. (The version in its present form ties up exactly with the chronological order of their creation.)
     One poem was lined up next to the following one with a breathtaking velocity that reminded me the genesis of "The player" by Dostojewski, arising an iridescent rainbow of topics that touched on and complemented one another, seeming to pulse all around a central issue, that perhaps could be described as the sounding out of the hidden depths of human personality.
     The progress in reading showed every time more clearly the adventurous nature of the journey mi wife was facing and the ups and downs in her soul that had accumulated in the course of time now laying claim to the right to emerge to the surface by a landscape painting in words and make its public appearance.
     The quoted details of famous painters' works in order to illustrate the moving subject areas as a rule were taken of Romanticism, since that epoch reflects best the perspectives of the depths of human heart with overwhelming panoramic views.
     Without doubt I will leave the work of interpretation at issue to those who are more qualified than I am, merely I would like to make the annotation that most of what is written down here is founded on what I went through, because above all I had the good fortune to participate vividly in the years of Genoveva's youth through countless conversations specially before the composing of her poems that provided me with an added advantage compared with many another.
     The work, started last year, is now available and I hope the reading matter will give the reader at least the same delight that I felt translating.
     The choice of words for the translation not in every case complied strictly with the dictionary. From time to time the whole purpose of Genoveva's proposition was decisive although differences in phrasal construction had to be accepted.
     This handing, possibly will be understood as imprecision, but has got its excuse in the knowledge of the author's world of ideas as well as in a more exact dependence on what was intended to be transmitted to the reader who has a good command of the Spanish language used in the original version. It is undoubtedly within the bounds of possibility that translations to come may vary in comparison with the one available.
     As it was intended to do the best to transport the tender texture from the Spanish language into English as undamaged as possible, besides of a choice of words that had to bear in mind the fidelity of meaning, above all it had to be taken into consideration that the compound of a whole of 52 poems couldn't be regarded as independent single works but as a wholeness coordinated on each other, using key-words with universal appearance against the backdrop of a reality native to the Mediterranean coast, in addition to its world of ideas flooded with sunshine consequently producing "specific exposure times".
     Just the title "Almonds with chocolate" elucidates, that not all in life has got the order and habit, we generally believe to know. For that reason it may be absolutely worthwhile to join the author on her voyage so that each of us may throw a light on what may be concealed in the depths of one's personality, applying with courage the conclusions drawn from an unalterable past to convert future into an ideal present.

Klaus Zorn, January 2007

Almonds with Chocolate


1.   The mother-of-pearl garden    16
2.   The rivulet at the white spring    17
3.   Honeysuckles at Loch Ness    18
4.   They will fly out on the sea    19
5.   Only your breath    20
6.   I praise the seed    21
7.   The goblin    22
8.   The grey bird    25
9.   Palms in your eyes    26
10. The wolves    27
11. Loving again    29
12. Loneliness    30
13. Miles and miles of tenderness    31

14. Never-ending summer    32
15. Footprints in the sand    33
16. Secrets of the sea    34
17. Almond-blossoms    36
18. Living without you    37
19. My soul in the air    38
20. The hut of values    39
21. A thousand years of protection    40
22. Walking together    42
23. The fountain of youth    43
24. Briefness    44
25. She    45
26. Africa    46

27. Escaping from hell    33
28. The smile    34
29. Getting through mountains    35
30. The kisses    36
31. Far away    37
32. The reminiscence    38
33. Lost caresses     39
34. Words    41
35. The night     42
36. The sea    43
37. The infidelity     44
38. He is waiting    45
39. Almonds with chocolate    47

40. The lightning    49
41. Life is wise    50
42. The blind men    51
43. Dream and reality    52
44. You are strong    53
45. The dream    54
46. The decision    55
47. The cascade    57
48. The oasis    58
49. Opened fans    59
50. A thousand tears    60
51. Time     61
52. My yearning is in Japan    63


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