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     If you want to know why a cat will plunge into the sea or what may be the reason why two foxes are going to rescue a wolf, what a worm will do in order to get rid of it's ugliness, or how a robin is going to pilot an aircraft, and if you always had asked yourself whether it might be true that frogs are liars and what animals may undertake to celebrate Christmas, then I'd recommend you to read this book, and very attentively. Here you will find answers to all those and other questions of burning interest from the animals' kingdom and at the same time find out a bit about goblins and little men. Right then, put yourself a hat on and let me take you with me on the journey to discover jointly that all the animals want to be our friends.


just stories


The elephant and the billy goat laughing ant


     Once there was an elephant, that crossed all the jungle in search of a friend. It was always sad and couldn't understand why there wasn't anybody to share its heroic deeds with. One morning it woke up and started its hike again, only that that day should become a very special one, the best of its life.
     Although walking slowly as usual, at once it stubbed against a very big stone and nearly hurt one of its feet. - Ouch! it said and nearly went on walking, when a thin voice was heard, and in a very bad mood, in fact.
- Will you watch out where to put your feet, you came very close to hurting one of my legs!
     The elephant turned its face rather sadly and how big was its surprise when it saw who the creature was, hopping around and billy goat laughing.


     - Yes, yes, it's up to you, I'm talking to you. You'd better pay attention, you know, otherwise you'll get to know me. Why, the ant was fuming with anger, when she saw, that the elephant continued its walk without answering her and looked at her almost a bit amazed.
- So, you have never seen an ant before?
- Of course I have, but I've never seen one in such a bad mood.
- What are you getting at? Pass by here again without paying attention and you'll see what I'm capable of! At that moment the elephant started smiling and the expression of astonishment disappeared from its face.
     They stayed there for a long while and talked about many things. About the problems both were concerned at, their pleasure for life, how they liked to watch the stars, and then all those pure rivers... And so, one day passed by and then an other, and the elephant always came back to talk about life and to admire it together with the one that became its friend for the rest of their lives.


The crocodiles


     I know something about crocodiles; they are jealous.
Didn't you know that?
     They have an argument over nearly all, and what is worse, they don't forgive in case the other might boast better scales then oneself. They are conceited and enjoy peace and silence. But they are so terribly jealous.


     One day I went and saw a safari park and all went well, we saw hundreds of animals grazing on the pastures, all went perfectly; I mean, nearly all, from time to time a little problem, you surely know what's going on at those safaris. Well, we wanted to cross a river with the boat of a good friend of ours. How beautiful nature was! How flora grew! And the scents were unmistakably.
      It is obvious that I didn't pay attention to the orders of those, who had more experience than I had, and so, when we cast off, they went in front, I stayed back and took some twigs with very strange leaves that attracted my interest at one fell swoop, and so it was how the inevitable happened.


     I felt that something brushed against my feet. Something big and sticky. It moved slowly and didn't make any noise. I turned round and stood there rooted to the spot scared stiff. I wasn't able to react, would be a meal for an enormous crocodile, a meal with line and sinker. I thought all that would only last a moment. That was the end of the story. Right in that moment there appeared another one, bigger than the first and stepping aside as well. Both of them were watching me and my mind stood still. So I didn't move and closed my eyes.
     In that instant the two crocodiles started quarrelling to find out which one would eat me. That was pure hell. They threw up mud with their tails uttering strange sounds. I seized the opportunity for escape and got away.

For the first time in my life I approved jealousy and rivalry, but that's the way the cookie crumbles.


Animals' Christmas


     When Christmas time comes near, all the animals of the orld have got the same feeling.
They come close to each other in harmony. They send tunes, sounds, moaning and groaning all over the world. There isn't even one single place where this connection wouldn't exist.
Some in the cold, in perpetual ice and snow, others suffering sweltering heat; doesn't make any difference at all whether plant growth is rich or poor, all together they are going to sing their tunes with hearts that beat as one and accompany their superb rhythms with dancing. They raise their eyes to the sky and are thankful for life and light. They communicate with caresses or gestures. All depends.


     There are so many species. They don't eat Christmas biscuits and don't receive any present. Nevertheless they have so many presents every day. Staying together and being strong might be the biggest of all.
      All the animals of this world have got their little hearts. From time to time there might be one among them a bit naughtier than others are, and stepping out of line on purpose, but at Christmas all will be forgiven. Snow will fall and erase the tracks of their naughtiness.
     When Christmas is coming near, let your hearts rule your heads. They will think of you as well, you only need to look your pet in the eyes to understand.
You will discover its happiness; it's Christmas time.


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just stories


The elephant and the billy goat laughing ant     7
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The cat from Dithe docks     13
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Animals' Christmas     78

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