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     The creation of my complements owes its existence mainly to two currents that have combined in my person as indelible and inherent genetics in my character. From a very young age, I was extremely enterprising and full of ideas. I always wanted to create in order to find new styles and I was attracted to what had not been seen yet, marking differences.


     This concern was coupled with a sense of beauty, with an inherent certainty for the application of soft shapes and colours in harmony pursuing the concept of finding an unanimous set, in complacency and for pleasure, for a pleasure of the senses.


     The first exercises as a child tracing lines on paper with colored pencils turned into designs of accessories for women. I understand that my creations have to serve the natural beauty of a person and thus transform her into a work of art.


     As each woman has got her own style deeply rooted in her personality, there has to be at disposal a great variety of complements, enhancing her present singularity.


     As each complement has to comply with the described requirements, it is essential forming a set among themselves, necessitating the projection of creation lines.


     The provision of a complete work should not be limited to the components of clothing that, apart from what is presented here, includes of course other elements like belts, gloves, shawls, etc. but comprises as well the use of jewelry with very own designs.


     The inclusion of our sense of smell should not be lacking in the impression of fullness. Therefore, the work must be finished with volatile fragrances for which a specific design of containers is necessary, differently for each of them.

Perfume Bottles

My handbags are useful sculptures at ladies' service.

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