pájaro de invierno


Once there was a girl,
at the same time gentle,
red-haired from outside
and very dark on the inside.

She was spiteful, very spiteful.
She always hit,
always bit,
gave kicks and scratched, too.


In the end I asked her one day :
Why are you doing all that? Could you tell me?

Thereupon she answered:
Nobody takes notice of me, nobody likes me, nobody stands by my side.


And I answered her:
Stop crying and shouting,
I am here and a little kiss I give you, too,
so that you may sleep without tears,
and all the love of my soul
I'll give you as a present.


I can be tender like the bread
and sweet as honey.

I can wear skirts, untie my hair,
laugh and jump, sing or cry.

I can be pretty, may be ugly as well,
ironic, radiant, rebellious
whispering while flung around your neck.


I can be coquettish, freckled,
charming with a touch of sea
to smell it means to be in love.

Never you are going to see me cry though
in case some day you left me.


I sold a word,
it was unpleasant.

If you told it in my presence, I would regret it,
it would hurt me.
If I said it in your presence, it would hurt you, pain you.

I don't want to hear it, don't pronounce it any more. Because it is sad and includes in itself the pride, sorrow and solitude. Send it away, ask it not to turn back that we will forget it soon, we both together for ever.


Oh, I still didn't tell,
this word is … Go away!


A thousand leaves

I look at the leaves on the trees,
they know they must not drop.
Incessantly they move from one side to the other,
clung to the branches.
Time to fall is over.
Spring came, summer soon will come.
It's time to move,
to play with the wind.

They sway like on a swing
and show their colours on both sides.
Sunbeams paint them silvery green,
at times red and pink.
To hide and show themselves are games
that only they themselves are able to understand.

Would like to move as leaves in the wind,
that the sunbeams reached me
aand played all the colours on me.
Would like to know when to drop or not
from my branches,
to shine, to dance and laugh in movements without a destination.


Bright shines the moon

If the moon turns towards you  
and makes you her friend she kindles your life and enlightens it. 
If you asked her for help she'll guide you and cheer you up, 
if you smiled her   
she'll announce you in silence  
and gentle will become her smile. 

If the moon turns towards you    
she'll make you pretty and praise you, 
if you touched her she'll caress you, 
will guide you,  
will hold you captivated in her arms. 

If the moon turns towards you  
the breeze will be sweet, waking up bright, 
caresses will be submitted and affection eternal. 
If you closed your eyes you will be guided to heaven 
and get revealed the Universe. 

	Look there tonight and wait, 
	If the moon turns towards you.


Appetite came back and the salt of cloudy waters disappeared.

Joy spreads between all those flowers locked up in numerous urns.

At the spring-fountains dragonflies and butterflies are settling ...

quenching their thirsts and so do I with them, interweaving the pleased
gracefulness together with all the charm converted into colours.

Cheers for all those who are not here and won't never
ever hurt me, the jealous, the cretins,
the miserables at heart and all those that made me cry so much.

Now a door gets opened, behind it slightly freckled elfs,
fireflies of the dusk and fairies in cristal clear waters.


Be welcome!!!



What could I buy to make me happy?

I'm looking at a lot of things, there are so many of them ... But I don't have money. How nice is all that and ... What can I do? I'm sad, can't buy me them. I got away through the streets and saw lights, lights everywhere. And I …

But then, after a little while I thought: Now I've got it! I'm going to tell a little ant I know to tickle me and so I will start smiling. My heart will take delight and so I can cherish desires and hopes more easily. Those of course won´t vanish, will stay and wait and then, quietly smiling and with pleasure, when all might have become cheerful and the good things will have arisen, I'll start singing.

Universe would tell me then: -Yes, all that is for you, you can reach it all. Then I would say … -No, not now. I know I can, yes, but I'm happy with the tickling of my nose, with that little ant in my garden and with the thousand dreams waiting for me.

-Shure, shure, and to the sounds of a violin.


I dreamed

Last night I dreamed you had come back.
I woke up and felt profound sorrow
I asked the dream to come back.

To abduct me once again
to see you again and to hold you tight
to hug you and to make you mine again.

Last night I dreamed you had come back
and felt in all the recesses of my skin
your caresses in my being.

Hopefully I closed my eyes
and stretched out my arms to find you,
so that you wouldn't leave losing you once more.
I dreamed I called you,
in search of you and loving you.

I dreamed I was yearning for you, sighing,
getting consumed and deeply engrossed in your love.

I dreamed, dreamed, dreamed...


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