by yourself


Written in Spanish and translated into German.
Helps to help yourself on 151 pages.


Copyright Genoveva Serra Caselles, 1995
All rights reserved.

Deposito legal V- 3479 - 1995
Valencia, September 1995

Translation, cover-design and layout:
Klaus-Dieter Zorn

     Genoveva Serra Caselles introduces herself as author of her first book continuing a career with a more than notable success as a designer of female fashion complements and realization of creations of her own as a businesswoman.
     By yourself is thought to be a guide for today's women offering "a help to self-help" in those cases where an orientation and practical advice is needed to be put back on the straight and narrow.
     The author places on interior beauty that has to be found and maintained to achieve exterior beauty as well.
     Fashion articles only are effective in a mind that lives in peace an harmony with itself.
     The authoress comes to the conclusion that there is only one way to reach the aim and lead to the title of the present work:
     By yourself.


     The following introduction is thought to allow a first contact with the content of my book by its lecture.


     The endorphin causes that we feel good, gives us desire, euphoria and eases the pain. It was discovered some years ago and there are many studies realized yet referring to its action on the nervous system. It is our internal drug. More powerful than the morphine or the heroine. We should never lower our level of endorphin because that makes us vulnerable to any illness.

     Specialists say that the good stress belongs to our capacity of adaptation. Nevertheless it's the distress causing that our endorphin lowers its level.

     We are living in a society where there is a lot of anxiety caused by stress. The best to do is to dispose of an ample capacity of adaptation facing it. Therefore we should keep our deposits of endorphin always filled.

     Depression is caused by an important decrease of endorphin. The susceptibility that shows our organism in a wide range of situations, including deseases depends mainly on how happy we feel with ourselves emotionally.

     I would suggest to generate endorphin the way I'll comment lateron, that is to say by our five senses. Above all not to take drugs to feel better. Our spirit and our body dispose of sufficient strength for not to need more than we ourselves are able to generate, that is the endorphin.

     Let's do physical exercise. Let's think a positive way, let's smile and always laugh. That should become an acquired behaviour. Let's be active as much as possible. We shouldn't abandon ourselves and convert our lives as well as those of the ones that surround us into a compound of wellness and peace, what will show its effects on our beauty, our self-confidence and on a prolongation of life in lucidity and wisdom.

Denia, 1st of March 1995


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