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"Do you want to come with us?"


     They say I answered on the spur of the moment. I only was two years old.

     Those who asked me were Carmelite nuns who went past home every day, on the way to their college.

     I became the youngest of their pupils. I still remember the nuns giving me coloured pencils and paper, although I didn't keep in mind what I was drawing. What I kept though is the desire to draw. I even made it my profession. What I drew were designs, above all of handbags for a production of my own in my little factory. In that time we sold my designs e.g. to the make of "Lois" and even to "Gloria Vanderbilt".

     But I also was drawing other things. All of them can be seen in the section of my industrial designs.

     Years have passed and nowadays my industrial design changed to be another sort of art. I achieved certain degree of abstraction. Those who are going to observe my picture work may be capable to see the concealed assets behind the colours and compositions. If not, the section of "Parameters" may serve as a key for approach and understanding.

     Shortly before nun Joaquina Vasera left us so sadly on twelfth of february 1999, I had the ocasion to talk to her. I wanted to know how she had seen me so many years ago, what she had thought of the little Eva Maria that I was, because she was like a mother to me.

     That is what she said:

You were intelligent.
You didn't like to study.
You got along well with everybody.
You were more graceful than the others.
You were a good girl, open minded, pretty and cheerfully.
You liked to have friends, liked to play.
You were well-meaning and kindhearted.


     We all have our epoch. Some of us will leave a legacy to those who might come after oneself.

     Even the ancient Egyptians believed in their influence on the eternal felicity of a person by extinguishing its name wherever it had been chiseled or written down. Once the name had disappeared, the person and its eternal life will do so as well.

     Books and art are ideal media so that the thoughts of a person may last longer in time than its life so limited in duration. Those are two very similar methods to exteriorize what mind has revealed. I have worked on both fields. The rules of a specific realization may differ in any and every case, the impulse of intellect nevertheless starts from the same roots. With the greatest pleasure I place my works at disposal. I'm using the media of my epoch for their circulation.

     Some of them have electronic origin, others classic, like the libraries of the unversities, where my poetry is preserved. I'd wish that generations far away in future will be able to know it, to enjoy and to understand it.

     I hope they will chisel my name, then I would stay alive.

     May occur whatever might occur, still on the stormiest day,
hours and time will pass.


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